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What Our Customers Say


Big Rock maple syrup is the only syrup we serve here at On the Rocks Guest Inn! We love the product and it compliments our gourmet breakfast very well. It is also a big seller with our guests from near and far places around the globe! We highly recommend Big Rock Maple Products!

On the Rocks Guest Inn
Dyers Bay, ON


At Eberhart House, we strive to deliver a premium experience for our guests when they visit. This includes serving them a delicious breakfast made from locally-sourced products. Big Rock Maple Products is our go-to syrup to serve as we know we can always count on the rich, authentic taste within each bottle. Our guests love it and so do we!

Eberhart House
Meaford, ON


It's not only hard work, long days, and countless hours of boiling that makes Big Rock Maple Products so pure, it's the love, care, and passion in the process that bring the sap to syrup to bottle. When it reaches the table it proves its worth, and every ounce is cherished in my family until the next season when we can enjoy it again.

Ashton Kamenar

Big Rock Maple Products are my favourite choice for maple syrup and maple butter. It's always a pleasure to crack open a new container and enjoy more of the great taste! I recommend it to any maple syrup fans.

Josh Squires


Burks Falls, Ontario

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